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My latest obsession…

I promise I have not abandoned my cooking adventures, I just have been repeating past recipes. 🙂 So bad I know, but some of them are so yummy!

Lately I have been experimenting more with makeup. Trying new brands, new products like lip stick, paint pots, primers etc. and I am having a blast! I watch Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerriero channels. Love them!  Highly suggest you check them out, especially if you are like me and not to most adventurous with makeup.

I posted a photo to my instagram @kelkyd and below of one of my experiments.  Just note that my version of experimenting is playing with neutral eyeshadows with a little glitter and pink lipsticks. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 11.17.34 PM


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The story behind the DIY Lemon Scrub

My family and I have routine group chats via text message.  One of them was about my attempt at using tanning clothes unsupervised.  I got the idea from my mom who has used them in the past, leaving her with sun kissed legs for the day. This lead me to believe it can’t be that difficult and that I should try them out. A few hours after using the clothes my legs looked like Tony the Tiger.  I’ll admit it, I was a hot mess.

During our family chat my sister used the line from  Wedding Planner, ” quarter cup of lemon juice, half a cup of salt,…scrub scrub scrub.”  At that moment my life became a movie scene. So awesome! I cracked up and decided she may be onto something, hence the Do It Yourself lemon scrub recipe I recently posted.

What have we learned from this story ladies and gentlemen? Exfoliate before using tanning products, tanning wipes are not as easy as they seem and sometimes advice from movies are actually spot on.  🙂  Now go and enjoy the rest of your week and if you are as pasty as I am try and embrace it, tony the tiger legs are not that sexy.


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You Don’t Know Everything…Yet

Friday NightsImage

Friday nights at my house consist of pizza, salad it is the be lazy and relax night.  Last Friday mom was out running errands so dad and I had a dinner date at the kitchen counter.  We talked about my sisters, work, graduate school, and his job. We catch up on everything that is going on before going off on an education tangent.  (Which I love)


My father has been working in the oil and energy industry since before I was born, over 24 years. He started at the bottom, managing gas stations and climbed his way in to a Vice President position.  Since then he has retired and now works for a well-known consulting firm in the oil and energy sector.  He has both a Bachelors and Masters degree and attended additional programs at an Ivy League school. Basically, he is a dork. But he is a fun, sporty, happy dork, who loves to educate and pass on all the knowledge he has gained over the years.

Listen  Up

Dinnertime with dad is always the best, one on one.  It turns in to a fun info session about his job and projects.  Everything I have learned in regards to Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and re-structuring manufacturing plants from floor employees to executives comes from him.  We review past projects (but he never tells me the names of the companies) and talk about what he does when he first walks into a clients office, plant, or building. Observe, listen, say hello to everyone, and remember that you are all people; titles mean nothing.

Question & Listen


“Does your office and manufacturing plant workers all walk into work through the same door?” Do they all enter through the manufacturing floor’s entrance?”  Yes?  Than that is great, it symbolizes a unity among all employees from floor to executive.  No?  Then you have a lot of work ahead of you.  Something as simple as what door you enter can send the message, “We are different.” It has a subtle way of saying we enter through this door and sit in these fancy offices because we are not equal.  (Please note this has nothing to do with race, sex, age etc.)

The important thing to remember for any job is that you are all on the same team.  You each have a role in the company that helps keep the ball rolling.  No single person closes the deal, the team does. So next time you walk into work go through the common door (mainly for manufacturing facilities) smile and say hello to everyone, because you are all apart of the same production line.

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Own It

One thing you need to learn right off the bat is take ownership of your project(s).  I will admit I have been very timid in claiming my space and my projects. I have asked for feedback in the past and now there are too many hands involved, which as you know causes things to never get done.  The projects first revision becomes the second then the third and a few months go by and somehow end up back at revision two.  Don’t get me wrong it is never a bad thing to ask for help if you are unsure about something but that request was a onetime thing.  The feedback you request is only necessary when you ask for it, continuous feedback causes continuous changes; leaving you tired and frustrated.

My advice? Own it.

If you lost ownership…Take it back! Holy shenanigans does it feel good when you do!

Today I learned this and it feels like I just made one more step to what I want.

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What Color is Your Parachute??

Have you ever heard of this book? My boss suggested I read it, he read it over 20 years ago as well as my father.

During our amazing meeting he said the best way to learn about yourself is to do a self exploration. This book helped him figure out what exactly he wanted and lead him to the job he has now. He told me to read the book, take it seriously, and figure out what exactly I want to do. Then take what I learn and apply it to my current job.

He told me that I need to love what I do, so figure it out and then do it. Of course he meant figure it out and then apply it to what I do now. By applying it to my current job I will find a drive that is natural and not forced. The drive that everyone hopes to find when they begin their career. Few end up finding it and settle.

Do I really want to settle for something because it is comfortable and let my fear overcome by ambitions?

No. So don’t settle.


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Who am I & Why am I celebrating?

I have been asking myself the same question for months.  Actually years, and I still don’t have the answer.  My name is Kelsey Douglas and I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up, only that I want to be happy and love what ever it is that I do.

It has taken me months to say that and not freak out a little in the back of my mind. A few months ago I had a breaking point in my life. I finally realized that I am so hard on myself that it is affected my life, my work and my health.  I was causing unnecessary stress on myself and no matter who was in my life I just couldn’t get out of the rut.  Finally I just had enough and came to terms with one thing. I need to fix me, fix the way I think and the pressure I put on myself.

Today I pushed back my GMAT test to the first weekend of February, and had no guilt.  I am not ready to take the test and I am ok with that. This test is an investment, something that will help me get where I want to go when I know where it is I want to be. Step one is now checked off, set a test date that is appropriate for myself.

My answer to who am I- is a person who wants to be successful in what ever it is I do with my life. I want to love my job, love where I live and make enough to support myself and then hopefully a family one day. Will I be working if I have a family? I don’t know, that is something to think about another day. Today is just celebrating the fact that I am ok with taking my life slow and figuring things out as I go.


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Changing it up once and a while

I am an avid reader. I love to read fiction, historical fiction, scifi, mysteries, business and a may throw in a few history books now and then. Lately I have been on a serious fiction, scifi binge. I have been reading the Game of Thrones series (currently on book 3). Also I just finished Hunger Games and before that Sookie Stackhouse. I have an addiction and I cannot stop. There I said it! But I try to throw a business book in between every book or two. I feel like my imagination is cracking so why not get some business sense mixed in there while I am at it.

This is a short post but I just wanted to share my passion for reading and my personal goal of reading a business book in-between every other novel or so.

So go home, or go to Bbarnes and Noble, grab a book, sit down and read. Sometimes escaping reality in a book is even better than escaping reality through a tv.

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